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Prem Mandir Vrindavan.

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Mathura is very popular for two things First one for temples and second one for Lord Krishna. Because Krishna is born in Mathura. so Mathura is very popular place in India or in the world also. in Mathura there are many beautiful Temples just like Banke bihari mandir, prem mandir  is also called love temple etc.

1-Prem Mandir Vrindavan

Prem mandir is one of the most famous temple in mathura in these day in Uttar Pradesh or in india. this temple cost is approx 150 crore. in this temple there have many story is there.

In Prem mandir well arrangement of garden ,fountain and pictures.

Prem mandir Build on the basis of nagaradi architecture.

All the wall of prem mandir is artistically design and coverd. 

Prem mandir make in 54 acres. And this temple is dedicated the great lord Krishna.this temple make in approx 12 year start at January 2011 and work stop at February 2012 publicly open in February 2012 approx 1000 thousand worker make this temple in 12 years.

Prem mandir make in a style that you never feel crowded like other temple because there is no queue and many space available you feel peace and chant radhe Krishna speaker which are available at every point of prem mandir.and all speakers are chant radhe Krishna radhe Krishna … and place for see art spirituality and peace. Which you never feel any where.

In prem mandir there is hall which capacity is 25 thousand people do satsang together in this hall at one time this is the capacity of this hall.

Prem mandir totally make in white marble structure. Approx 30000 ton are itlian marble to make this temple very beautiful or lovely. and kripalu hire kuka robot for designing the prem mandir (love temple).

In the construction of prem mandir there is  no piller is use.

Prem mandir have its own canteen and a musical musical fountain you see the image of kripalu ji maharaj.kripalu ji maharaj is the owner of prem mandir vrindavan.musical fountain start at 7 pm on evening and stop at 7:30 this prem mandir musical fountain you see the deferent colors with water and an audio and picture play together.prem mandir musical fountain is most famous in prem mandir.  

There are second things is that in prem mandir we see the  story of kalia naag (snack) which is killed by lord Krishna. This all story is tell by in pictures in the prem mandir.

Here we show you some beautiful picturs of prem mandir vrindavan given below.

In this picture they show the power of lord Krishna they holding the goverdhan parvat(mountain).this is the night view how coloring is this this is the beauty of prem mandir.

In prem mandir many story is tell by the architecture just like kalia naag,goverdhan paravat,radha Krishna prem leela.

At every night it have deferent colors design it not repeat there colors designs I show you some color design given Below.

 This is the day photo of prem mandir in night this become more beautiful then this you can’t believe see below.

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So this the beauty of Mathura temple this is the one temple I will show many temple of Mathura with all information how is make who is owner of the temple where it is meet you soon.

                                                             Jai Shree Krishna
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