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Prem Mandir Vrindavan-

Prem Mandir is in Vrindavan (Mathura).Prem Mandir is also called Love temple.This Temple is dedicated to lord Krishna.this temple is established by shree kripalu maharaj ji.prem mandir make in ten year approx start at january 2001 and inauguration and complete in 15 February 2012.the cost was approx 150 crore or in dollar 23 million dollar.
Prem mandir (love temple)  most  famous temple in mathura.prem mandir have own canteen and a beutiful mountain which start at 7 pm with musical sound and picture on fountain and stop at 7:30 pm at evening.
prem mandir shaped by white Italian marble.
Race, class and erasing the land to build the world's highest power of love of Krishna and Radha Rani temple in love in the city of Vrindavan witness of divine love pastimes is built. This magnificent love duet Viharaly temple was completed after 11 years of labor. It is shaped by white Italian marble. Ctikara Srivrindavn Dham Marg also shows glimpses of this unique Yuglawas ancient Indian sculpture. Prem mandir in Vrindavan built in 54 acres 125 feet high, 122 feet long and 115 feet wide. Between the beautiful parks, fountains Jjnkian Sriradha Krishna Manohar, Srigovrdhn holding Lila, snake Kaliya Daman Leela, Goswami are equipped pastimes. Love realizing that divine love through the temple architecture. The message of divine love this temple are open in all directions. Ashta Mayuron carved archway at the main entry points are created. The outer walls of the temple artisans Sriradha pastimes of Krishna has been realized. The temple Klamondit 94 column in which the Deity of Kinkiri and Manjari Sakhi are shown. Inside and outside the sanctuary of ancient Indian architectural carvings and mosaic excellent performing that fascinate everyone. Slayton on the smooth marble 'Radha Govind song's simple and pithy couplets were submitted, from which Bktiyog Bhagavad receipt to formulate simple and Vedsammt route. Prem Mandir is built by Kripalu Ji Maharaj. January 14, 2001, he laid the foundation stone of the temple was love in the presence of millions of devotees. Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, the same day, about a thousand craftsmen love with its thousands of workers involved in the architecture of the temple, and 11 years later it came to be realized. Kripalu Ji Maharaj says that the world will not achieve the top slot in the power of love, the spiritual welfare of the world is not possible.

These are the beautiful picture of prem mandir Vrindavan.prem mandir looks more beautiful in night you see that at above photo
You love this Temple that why it is called prem mandir or love temple in vrindavan.

                               I Show You Overview of Prem Mandir Vrindavan.


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