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Hindus and Jains worship the temple site says. It was decided to worship and worship place or is Devsthan. The place where attention to a deity or contemplation whether or placing the idol worship etc. should call the temple. Temple literally means "house". Literally the word Defender Shiva Temple Kali Temple etc.

And the monastery is a place where any creed, religion or tradition special teacher or student who believed in the protection and promotion of religious communities with the aim of their sacred texts discussed or annotating the interest of followers of the sect and to let them know what their religion is. For example, the Buddhist monasteries of Monstrous Hindu monasteries or Christian can be. But the 'Math' use of the word during the seventh or eighth century deer is believed to have originated.

Construction of temples-

Speaking in the context of the creation of the legendary temples, their number and the same can be said about texture, although the existence of temples, but he was right to mention that so little, surely it can be said that, Lok in was not so much as examine and contemplate the importance of temples. Most were in the house as individual worship sites. This is also known that of the existence of temples is not Drisitgokar public importance. Rama in Ramayana period in his palace before statues of his ancestors in a particular part from time to time used to pray for their blessings and guidance before and Sita Swayamvar Gauri puja with his friends and maids Janaka Liye Sight Gauri temple in the garden of the palace were for, but any other temple in Ayodhya or Janakpuri be mentioned with respect to the period indicates the existence of temples.

 It is also noteworthy that, King Janaka told Vaishnava devotee of Vishnu, but that is in the garden of his palace or temple of Gauri which indicates to the fact? Shiva temple which such sati or another family member, but there is just no temple of Sati or Parvati. Kamrup Kamakhya, Hinglaj, Flame, etc. Shaktipeeths Sati Mata Vaishno Devi shrine Naina and the thing so deserves. Similarly, in the Mahabharata, though much talked about, but with just two events Krishna with Rukmini and Arjun Subhadra during escaping by both the heroines in the forest for Divine Worship Gauri Mata (Goddess Parvati) discusses the temple.

Gupta period (fourth to the sixth century) appears to grow in the construction of temples. The first wooden temples were built or will be built in several places in India but soon began to become a temple of stone and brick. Aryan culture in parts of the country until the 7th century stone temples were found to be constructed. In the fourth to sixth-century temples built in the Gupta period is very rapid pace. Buddhist temples, Hindu temples, the style of the original will be taken from the old Temple idols in the temple at the time were found to be placed in the center and Buddhist stupas which were like a circle route. 

Almost all of which are small enough to remain Apecctakrit Gupta temple has a small central Kc workmanship is thicker and stronger, either around the house or at the main entrance porch is war. Gupta temple early example of Sanchi Buddhist temple roof is flat; However, the north Indian temple spire style developed in this period took place and gradually increasing the height of the peak. Bodh Gaya Buddhist temple built in the 7th century and superlative texture represents the climax of the Gupta style building.

Buddhist and Jain religious purposes intended by wing artificial caves were used by Hindus and it was assimilated. Yet by Hindu temple built in caves before the Gupta period of relatively rare and so is not found any evidence in this respect. Temples and rock-cut cave temples made with respect to the maximum possible while gathering as many places we can detect it is enclosed in a separate list. Madras (now Chennai ') south of the Pallavas in Mahabalipuram, built in the 7th century, which many small rock-cut temples in Tamil former religious buildings which have been built and represent.

Dynasty temples exist and the secret is to see their grandeur. It would be no exaggeration to say that the importance of Hindu temples from the Gupta period and significantly expanded their size and their specific impact on the texture of the local architecture. North Orissa and Madhya Pradesh in northern India Hindu temples at Khajuraho excellence observes. Orissa in Bhuvneshwarr Sight linga raja about 1000 years old temple of the best examples of architecture. However, Konark Sun Temple built in the 13th century, the regions largest and the world-famous temple.

 The summit was also split Arnmbhik days and today is the only remaining place of worship only. The most important architectural approach span and the Khajuraho temples were created in the 11th century. Gujarat and Rajasthan independent architectural style, but his remains good Orissa and Khajuraho temples were built less than attractive. At the end of the first decade of the South Indian architectural style Tanjore (Thanjavur ancient name) Rajrajeshwar, the construction of the temple had reached its peak.

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